Amorphophallus titanum bloom

Amorphophallus titanum bloom


Amorphophallus titanum AKA corpse flower bloom

July 28th - August 7th, 2021


“From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them, and that is eternity” - Munch.

The otherworldly Amorphophallus titanum, aka corpse flower, will produced its infamous inflorescence (largest unbranched in the world) in the Public Land Gallery. Excuse the smell of our store as the flower’s fragrance has been compared to rotting flesh, hence the nickname. It typically takes this plant 5-10 years before flowering for the first time and after that every couple of years depending on environment. The short-lived Corpse Flower was on view until its end and the smell can permeate your memory forever. We will also had a titanum in its vegetative stage on view for comparison.

On the menu aka what the scent is made of compound wise:
Primarily dimethyl trisulfide (stinky cheese or boiled cabbage) and dimethyl disulfide (garlic), but also levels of trimethylamine (rotting fish), isovaleric acid (sweaty socks), benzyl alcohol (sweet flowery scent), and indole.⁣⁣

Special thanks again to Sacramento State Biological Sciences Department and Daniel Pfarr for entrusting us as babysitters for these incredible plants!

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