1. Trent Dean x Public Land Plant Stand

    Trent Dean x Public Land Plant Stand

    In collaboration with artist, Trent Dean, we created one-of-a-kind hand patinated steel plant stands.
  2. Grady Gordon Zine + Print

    Grady Gordon Zine + Print

    Limited edition zine featuring the monotype work of Oakland-based artist, Grady Gordon. Published in conjunction with his exhibition “If It were a Snake It Would Have Bit You”. 
  3. Trevor Wheatley + Cosmo Dean Fundraiser Print

    Trevor Wheatley + Cosmo Dean Fundraiser Print

    A fundraiser print entitled “Shrug” to coincide with Toronto artists, Trevor Wheatley and Cosmo Dean's exhibition “Listen Close” at Public Land Gallery. 
  4. Cody Hudson Custom Planters

    Cody Hudson Custom Planters

    In partnership with Public Land, Chicago-based artist, Cody Hudson, has created a collection of one-of-a-kind, hand-painted custom planters in varying shapes and sizes.
  5. Maxwell McMaster Custom Planters

    Maxwell McMaster Custom Planters

    Public Land collaborated with Los Angeles-based artist, Maxwell McMaster in creating 3 one-of-a-kind custom planters.

Exhibited artists:

Alán González • Alex Lukas • Angelina Gualdoni • Annie May Johnston •Aryo Toh Djojo • Beverly Acha • Casey Bolding • Charlotte Beavers • Chase Wilson • Cody Hoyt • Cody Hudson • Cosmo Dean • Daniel Gibson • Devin Troy Strother • Elizabeth Corkery • Ellie Andrews • Emilio Villalba • Esther Marie Hall • Grady Gordon • Greg Ito • Gustavo Martinez • Ian Norstad • Jeff Canham • Joe Meade • Joey Santore • Josh Edwards • JJ Manford • Justin Hager • Kristine Reano • Lena Gustafson • Lucien Shapiro • Maria Schoettler • Mark Mulroney • Martin Machado • Maxwell McMaster • Michelle Fernandez • Mike Brodie • Natani Notah • Nick Wilkinson • Odessa Blackmore • Palko Rezucha • Paul Wackers • Rich Jacobs • Stephen Eichhorn • Swampy • Tahiti Pehrson • Trevor Wheatley • Trent Dean • Tyler Sharkey • Wardell McNeal