ROOTED in a profound love and adoration for our natural world, PUBLIC LAND serves as a multidimensional organization that supports a living-breathing ECOSYSTEM of art, culture, and environmentalism. PUBLIC LAND behaves as a connective joint between the EARTH AND HUMANITY, encouraging positive, yet analytical engagement between the two.



We offer a wide range of services that include:


Both plant and interior design for residential, commercial and events, art and design consulting. If you‘re looking to locate a specific rare botanical wonder or a piece of art to live with forever, reach out and let us know.  



We Value:


Deep ecology, art advocacy, handmade objects, community, radical thinking, natural phenomena, small business, long walks in the desert, burritos...the list is longer than you want to read.


Collaborating with a wide-range of educators, artists, environmental professionals, culinary creatives, non-profit organizations and much more. We're always open to working with new ones.


Reach out and let us know what you are seeking out or just say “HI”