"The Mind Is Also A Landscape" co-curated by Print Club LTD. @ Public Land

"The Mind Is Also A Landscape" co-curated by Print Club LTD. @ Public Land

The Mind Is Also A Landscape presents the work of 9 contemporary artists currently living and working in the United States whose practices encompass photography, painting, sculpture, film-making and writing. Among the group, several artists produce work that is discernably influenced by or produced in consort with the natural world, while for others that relationship is less direct. What is shared is the impulse to be drawn out from the familiar interior of the studio into a freer, less personal landscape of the natural world and to be receptive to its surprises and liberations. Artists included in this exhibition are Cody Hoyt, Beverly Acha, Angelina Gualdoni, Alex Lukas, Paul Wackers, Annie May Johnston, JJ Manford, Natani Notah, and Chase Wilson.

From each artists, a personal photograph is presented from a period of ‘free time’ spent in the outdoors, not engaged in the act of ‘making’ or ‘doing’ but in receptive exploration. Reproduced in large format as single-color silkscreen prints these images create their own fragmented panorama built of collective creative experiences undertaken in disparate locations and from within the lives of artists with enormously varied practices.

 This grouping of prints are in many instances quite visually removed from the artists’ broader studio production but instead their imagery embodies time spent outside of the studio; time spent hiking, foraging, time spent in the natural realm of the senses and by extension, time spent understanding one’s body in relation to the world.

 In her seminal book Wanderlust: A History of Walking, writer Rebecca Solnit proposes that nature can behave as a pace as well as a place. The pace of a person walking allows the natural world to introduce a new time metric, one that is inherently bodily. In many ways The mind is also a landscape offers its own meditation on time; The seasonal and geological time of landscape; The suspension of time within the camera’s frame; The symbiotic relationship of the artists’ time spent inside and outside the space of studio production.

 Public Land was established with a commitment to sharing the work of artists who explore and re-imagine the ways we experience, interact and perceive our natural environment. The Mind Is Also A Landscape proposes a broadening of that idea by considering how the natural environment influences artists in immeasurable ways, whether or not the specific imagery of those experiences remains present in the work.

 10% of the exhibition proceeds will be donated to the Center For Biological Diversity to help further their environmental protection efforts.

The Mind is Also A Landscape will be on view at Public Land Gallery from November 16th – January 15th, 2019. For price and availability inquiries, please email info@publiclandstore.com

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