The Story of Life Group Exhibition

The Story of Life Group Exhibition


The Story of Life Group Exhibition

May 4th - July 9th, 2024


his spring, Public Land Gallery is pleased to present The Story of Life, an eclectic group exhibition curated by fellow horticultural hoarder, art alchemist and founder of Left Field Gallery, Nick Wilkinson. Renowned for his discerning eye and commitment to showcasing diverse contemporary art on California’s Central Coast, Wilkinson brings together a compelling collection that reflects the breadth of artistic expression.

Nick Wilkinson, a celebrated painter, self-proclaimed “dirty doodler,” and entrepreneur behind Left Field Gallery, Grow Nursery, and Botanica Nova, epitomizes a dynamic fusion of art, innovation, and just doing shit you like. The Story of Life emphasizes the ethos of Public Land by embracing unconventional perspectives and artistic exploration. This exhibition presents a rich tapestry of artworks spanning varied mediums and subjects, offering a vibrant spectrum of contemporary art that captures the familiar while still igniting curiosity.

Thanks Nick, you’re the best.

The Story of Life features new works from Matt Furie, Aiyana Udesen, Matt Leines, Lois Ann Barnett, Suzy Willey, Leif Low-Beer, Mark Williams and Donald Walker. 

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