Lucien Shapiro

Lucien Shapiro



Half Full

Lucien Shapiro solo exhibition: February 1st - March 17th, 2020

In today’s day and age, the ease at which information and products are made available has led to a continual state of over-consumption. Everyday items have become neglectfully disposable, and there is an immediate desire for what is new and what is next. Lucien Shapiro’s work, a laborious craft and meditative consumption of time, transforms forgotten objects into nostalgically interesting and beautiful relics that compel viewers to re-evaluate what our everyday possessions represent and mean to us. Shapiro invites us to slow down, to not only gain appreciation for the artifacts that tell a story about who we are currently, but to find inspiration in the value of time and craft.

For his exhibition, Half Full at Public Land Gallery, Lucien Shapiro will showcase a wide-range of new sculptural objects made entirely from recycled and found materials, with an accompanying installation. For the past 15 years, the California-based multidisciplinary artist has continuously evolved within his practice, employing a diverse collection of new materials to assist in his ever-expanding visual dialect. Shapiro is known for creating work from everyday discarded objects such as bottle caps, drug bags, broken automotive glass, twist ties, barbed wire, used garbage bags, scrap metal and much more. His work has been exhibited extensively both domestically and internationally. This will be Shapiro’s first exhibition with Public Land Gallery and in Sacramento. Half Full will be on display from February 1st to March 17th, 2020. Opening reception for Half Full will be on February 1st, 6-9 P.M.

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