Cody Hudson

Cody Hudson

cody hudson


November 18th - January 14th, 2023

In the late hours of the night is where you will find Chicago-based artist Cody Hudson, making plant abstraction drawings as a cathartic and tech-avoidant practice. “These began during the pandemic when I was staying at the Wisconsin studio for an extended period of time,” Cody explains. Since then, he has continued this exercise, amassing a significant amount of drawings with endless variations. Predominantly known for exhibiting his paintings and sculptural work, PEACE POT PLANT is a deviation from past exhibitions, solely focusing on Cody’s drawings. As the artist explains, “Most of the other work I do is shape based, and I do lots of studies and overthink all the colors and layouts before ever painting something. With this series I wanted it to be the opposite, I wanted to just make them quickly and experiment with the line work and really just enjoy the process of drawing without worrying about actually doing anything with them or how they look.” The artist previously did a pop-up event of similar drawings in 2020 entitled Basement Botany at Public Land Gallery, however this exhibit will have a much larger selection with new botanic iterations. 

Cody’s work has been shown extensively both domestically and internationally, with solo exhibitions in San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, Miami, San Luis Obispo, Paris, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and more. He has worked with brands that include Nike, Stussy, Blue bottle, Converse, Target, Facebook, Warbey Parker, Case Studio and much more. The artist has also painted several large scale murals in various U.S. cities. Cody is a founding partner in the Land and Sea Dept. creative group, as well as Letherbee Distillers. 

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