Ferocactus illustration by Grady Gordon
snake on a colla cactus
New Mexico landscape by artist Grady Gordon
Grady Gordon art exhibition at Public Land in Sacramento
Grady Gordon monotype print
snake collage by Grady Gordon at Public Land in Sacramento
Public Land Store sacramento art show
New Mexico train yard by artist Grady Gordon
Grady Gordon Monotype print
Cholla cactus skeleton by Grady Gordon
Grady Gordon exhibition at Public Land Gallery
Public Land Store art gallery
Grady Gordon monotype detail
Public Land art show in Sacramento, California
Grady gordon art print
New Mexico canyon illustration
Snake on opuntia cactus
San Pedro Cactus (Echinopsis Pachanoi)
Grady Gordon exhibition at Public Land in Sacramento
Grady Gordon illustration at Public Land Gallery
Grady Gordon at Public Land Store
Public Land Gallery in Sacramento
Vista in New Mexico by Grady Gordon
snake illustration by Grady Gordon
Cholla cactus drawing
Lophophora Williamsi (Peyote)
Cactus drawing

If It Was A Snake It Would Have Bit You

Grady Gordon solo exhibition: March 30th - May 13th, 2019

Grady Gordon transcends to his native state of New Mexico in order to re-imagine the geography, fauna, flora and iconography of his childhood in a new exhibition entitled, If It Was a Snake It Would Have Bit You, inside Public Land Gallery. Detouring completely from his usual subject matter, the Oakland-based artist has created an entirely new body of work for this exhibition, employing his skills in both monotype printing and sculpture. “I was channeling a lot from what I saw as a kid exploring the desert, collecting objects and bringing them home to stack or assemble,” Grady explains. Using New Mexico as his muse, Grady sought to re-create snapshots of his memory, while exploring the consistent shapes and textures found in this arresting Southwestern region. When asked about the usage of snakes throughout many of the works, Grady explained, “I have always had a kinship and love towards snakes. The title of the exhibition is a saying I would hear [often] as a child. A saying many people would utter.”

 Born in Sante Fe, New Mexico, Grady Gordon is an artist and teacher who resides in Oakland, CA, and has received a BFA from CCA. His previous showings include Athen B. Gallery in Oakland, Flatcolor Gallery in Portland, Superchief Gallery in Los Angeles and more.

 If It Was a Snake It Would Have Bit You will be on view at Public Land Gallery from March 30th – April 16th, 2019. There will also be a zine published in conjunction with this exhibition and available for purchase. For price and availability inquiries, please email info@publiclandstore.com