Public Land one-year anniversary group show "Climate Therapy "

In celebration of its one-year anniversary, Public Land is hosting a group exhibition that showcases a diverse collection of artists hailing from New York, Connecticut, Chicago, San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Louis Obispo, Nevada City and Sacramento. Several of these artists have shown in the gallery space over the past year, while many will be exhibiting for the first time in Public Land Gallery, as well as the Sacramento region.  

Public Land Gallery in Sacramento

In keeping with Public Land Gallery’s intention to facilitate a space that celebrates and also encourages positive engagement with the natural world, curators Austin McManus and Mel Eligon have selected a group of artists whose perspectives and works emulate such a connection–reimagining ways in which humanity witnesses, interacts, and experiences our surrounding environment. Using a variety of mediums, this eclectic body of work illuminates many differentiating depictions and renderings of the world we all inhabit. 

Climate Therapy will be on view at Public Land Gallery from June 29th- August 13th. For price and availability inquiries, please email An opening reception for Climate Therapy will be held on June 29th, 2019 from 6-9 P.M.

Exhibiting artists: Devin Troy Strother, Lena Gustafson, Maria Schoettler, Mark Mulroney, Martin Machado, Daniel Gibson, Cody Hudson, Charlotte Beavers, Tahiti Pehrson, Joe Meade, Elizabeth Corkery, Maxwell McMaster, Swampy, Stephen Eichhorn, Greg Ito, Nick Wilkinson, Tyler Sharkey, Esther Marie Hall and Grady Gordon.

Mike Brodie @ Public Land

Every morning, Mike Brodie’s neighbor wanders over in a golf cart outside of Brodie’s single wide trailer to talk, and to fill him in on the upcoming days’ work. With his inability to physically walk, he honks, and waits patiently for Brodie to emerge. A diesel mechanic by trade, Brodie regularly assists this Winnemucca, Nevada native in fixing an array of aging heavy equipment and pick-up trucks that keep his drilling company afloat.  “Sometimes Joe just rambles on and on and on, but I just listen,” Brodie tells me. “It’s a good relationship for me. He's been drilling water wells for 54 years. He's 80 years old. I keep his stuff running and he lets me borrow equipment and photograph anything I want.” 

Mike Brodie photography exhibition at Public Land in Sacramento

Brodie is fascinated by work, and is equally fascinated by photographing that work. "I couldn't do this at my old jobs," he says. "I couldn't photograph the work I was doing, I couldn't leave town, I couldn't ride freight trains, I was just a worker bee, trapped within a big business management structure that would not allow me to be creative or explore the world the way I wanted. Now I just barter. I trade. I like building community through sharing and helping out my friends." A 10-minute ride down into the valley of Pershing County, Brodie is putting this idea into practice, borrowing his neighbors’ backhoe, boom truck, and forklift to build a house on 20 acres of land he bought a year ago. He has chosen to build his home from the ground up alongside his wife, Celeste, a challenging and ambitious endeavor they both regard in a nonchalant and lighthearted manner. The land is raw, littered with sagebrush, rocky soil, ground nesting birds and silence. A stream can be heard nearby, mountains flanked on either side, and once in awhile in the far distance you can hear the faint sound of Union Pacific engines passing through as they make their way to Elko or Reno. Brodie loves it here, as does his wife, who works as a conductor on those railroad engines.

Brodies’ passion, curiosity, and appetite for creating images that are equally relevant and meaningful to his life are evident. Newly processed negatives are meticulously scrutinized over and over again. The photographs being displayed for this exhibit are provisional. It is current, but only acts as a prelude to the extensive long-term project Brodie has been working on that will span many years to come. 

 - Austin McManus

Mike Brodie has held solo exhibitions at Yossi Milo (NY), M+B (LA), Stephen Wirtz, Gallerie (SF) Les Filles Du Calvaire (Paris), and Needles and Pens (SF).

His work is included in the collections of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and the University of California, Berkeley Art Museum and the Pacific Film Archive.

Brodie has been featured in The New Yorker, Time Magazine, The Guardian, Huffington Post, NPR, DAZED, American Photo Magazine, The Fader and many more publications. Two books, A Period of Juvenile Prosperity and Tones of Dirt and Bone, have been published of Mike Brodie’s work through Twin Palms Publishing. Brodie was born in Arizona in 1985 and currently lives and works in Winnemucca, Nevada.

Rich Jacobs' "Listening To The Higher Frequencies in Unison" @ Public Land

This Saturday, Public Land will host a pop up exhibition entitled Listening To The Higher Frequencies in Unison featuring Oakland-based multidisciplinary artist, Rich Jacobs. This exhibition will feature new drawings, watercolors and paintings the prolific artist.

On view starting October 6th and will be on display through October 19th, 2018

Rich Jacobs art